Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life is grand and wondrous. Full of opportunity. Full of glitz, glam and fortune. For some.
For others it is dull, grey, and vacuous. It is horrid that we live in a world carrying the burden of unjust deaths and murders.
But this post is to thank this world. Thank you for my wonderful fiance, who makes everyday a dream. Thank you for my acceptance into Columbia grad school for genetics. I may not have done what I set out to do with this blog but somehow adventure and love found me either way. I've been able to settle the confusions of my past and maintain the lifestyle so vital to me now. Since my last post I've been to Argentina, which I didn't like and Costa Rica, which I did. We all toot our horns to different tunes but if you listen closely, you'll see it doesn't matter unless you let it.