Thursday, December 23, 2010

While this blog was initially made to discuss the songs I've been living it has often led me to think of those songs I am not living, of those I cannot live. I've been having many doubts lately. Doubts about religion. If its truly as beautiful as I want to believe then why must I interpret it in my favor? Why is pursuit of intelligence and creativity shunted? I am not a penguin, can't be one.

Religion is like smoking cigarettes. Smokers know it gives them cancer but they've put so much of themselves into the tobacco they need something back, even if it's a metastasizing tumor.

Romance with Torah:

Waited but not long enough
To slough the scent
Of a supplement so rough.
Like a cigar to a vent
A bent inhalation-
One ration in and then sent
Out for preparation.
Cannot swirl you in deeper
With a reaper to gather
And lather for keeper
For a tongue to slather.
You’re like a cigarette
A threat to inhale just one time
So climb into depth
Can’t withhold the grime.
So coughing and choking
A stroking for measure
This pleasure of smoking
Is the package’s treasure.
Though you’re not fire
To admire your heat
Is for too sweet a liar
And here’s just a cheat.
Burned going down
And around till back up
To sup worth from a clown
Whose runneth over the cup.
When you leave, the taste
Of haste on the tongue stays
With strays of tar waste
Thick there for days.
You’re a habit I’m used to
Not new to using
Though bruising is true
For those musing
But the smell on the clothes
It goes to the heart,
to chart how it grows
as it breathes every part.
Expensive to buy
But to deny you is worse
So the purse will reply
paid in full by reverse.

copyright Y.Z.