Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today started off without alarm-- literally. My phone malfunctioned, deleted all my media files and did not ring at 8am. Somehow I managed to get up and going at 2pm.

Later today at the gym I witnessed a blatant disregard for unspoken gym rules for the first time. If there is ever a line for machinery or in this case, the sit up station, always look at the order of people who went before you and then make a place for yourself in the line. Well today I witnessed someone who either didn't know about this or didn't care. I stepped off to let the 2nd person (whose turn it was) go, he finished, the 1st guy came back, then it was my turn again but the 2nd person went and skipped me. Etiquette please!

Either way that was no different than any other day. The real change is I have 364 days to live the lyrics of a 100 songs. Today is day 2 of my 365 day goal of changing my life around in the midst of obtaining both my degrees, work, volunteering, and maintaining a fitness regiment. I'm not going to give any of that up, you shouldn't have to in order to get some adventure in life. Adventure is not about waiting for some major change in your life that will redefine every moment, it's not about sacrifice of reality. Adventure is an experience and that I (as do we all) have plenty of.
Not everyone is born with special gifts. Heck, some who are don't even know or worse fail regardless. I'll make it brief, this blog is about us, the forgettables. We have no superhuman strength, dexterity, or intelligence; and no refined taste in art, music, or cuisine. I'm just like you and I'm sick of it too. I want a special gift and if I couldn't be born with one, I'll darn well make sure to die with one.

This is the inception of my special gift. No worries, I like to share.
I won't discuss the disappointments of college and stress over the future in a bitter economy. That was another blog I wrote once many years ago. I was probably 15 then and an avid listener of Nirvana.
I won't discuss my efforts to find the one man in the world untarnished by mass media that has me feeling more lonely.

This will not be about perfections or imperfections. It will be about doing something we can all do. I don't live in a movie and most of you don't either. We can't all just up and go on a jungle excursion.

So to the apathetic, sympathetic, and pathetic stay in your couch and read on. This is an adventure that fits your schedule.